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Frequently Asked Questions - Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing? 

Neuromarketing uses neuroscience (brain research) to reveal subconscious consumer decision-making processes. It answers questions like:

  • How desirable is your product?
  • What emotion is triggered by your promotion?
  • Which ad is most effective?

We have a more detailed explanation for you here. You can also get more information on the field and various neuromarketing techniques

Where do I read more on neuromarketing? 

We've selected some great reads for you. Have a look at our book recommendations!

Where can I study neuromarketing? 

Have a look at the Study Neuromarketing page, where you'll find a list of international neuromarketing courses. 

How do I start a career in neuromarketing?

Jobs in neuromarketing are diverse, with career paths in science, marketing, and data. Read more about the options here

Can I speak at the Neuromarketing World Forum or Shopper Brain Conferences?

Absolutely! Have a look here for more information and submission guidelines.

How can I write for INsights or the Neuromarketing Yearbook? 

Great that you're considering to contribute! Have a look at the INsights and the Neuromarketing Yearbook pages to check out submission guidelines and deadlines.

Where can I find neuromarketing vendors?

You can an overview of international neuromarketing vendors in our Directory Listing. Want to know how to select the right vendor for your research purposes? Read this article!

What is the NMSBA Code of Ethics?

The NMSBA Code of Ethics represents a first step towards international standards for the use of neuroscientific methods. You'll find more on its purpose here.

Frequently Asked Questions - NMSBA Membership 

Is there a student membership?

There is no student membership, but full-time students get a discount of 70% on the personal membership fees (38.70 euro per year). Benefits are:

  • INsights (online only) last issue
  • Neuromarketing Yearbook in print (in April)
  • 50% discount on events

Interested? Get in touch! If you send us proof that you are a full-time student (a copy of a student ID), we'll send you a discounted membership invoice.

Is there a discount for academia and researchers?

Academics get 40% discount on personal membership fees and pay 77.40 euro per year. To qualify for this researcher discount, the following situation applies:

  • Your primary email address is from an educational institute
  • This institute is also listed as your core organization on your LinkedIn profile

The benefits for members with an academic background are:

  • INsights (online only) last issue
  • Neuromarketing Yearbook in print (in April)
  • 30% discount on events

Interested? Send a link to your LinkedIn profile to When approved, you'll receive a special link where you can sign up with the 40% discount.

Do I receive access to all INsights issues as a personal member? 

As a personal member, you get online access to the current issue of INsights. To get access to all INsights issues, you might consider a corporate membership. Find out more on the Membership Options page.

Can my colleagues get a discount on NMSBA events when I sign up as a personal member? 

As a personal member, you get a 15% discount to NMSBA events. To get discounts for all colleagues, corporate membership might be more suitable. 

Does my company get listed in the NMSBA Directory when I sign up for corporate membership?

Only corporate vendor members get listed in the Directory. Find out more on the Membership Options page, or see the answer below.

Can my company get listed in the NMSBA Directory without joining the NMSBA?

No this unfortunately is not possible. Visit the Promotional Opportunities page for more information abuout other options. 

Can I receive an NMSBA membership certificate? 

Definitely! You can request it at Did you know that corporate vendor members get their company details listed in the company directory at


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