想龙8客户端登录神经营销? The NMSBA has put together a list of neuromarketing courses world-over. Click on the name of the program to reach the website of the program.


消费者行为与市场营销 雷丁大学,英国,180 ECT

龙8国际官网登录口生活在一个消费驱动的社会. This BSc Consumer Behaviour and Marketing course enables you to understand how consumers think, and how this is essential to marketing and the formulation of policy.

输入要求: Typical offer: AAB-ABB, International Baccalaureate 32–34 points overall

用户体验设计 莱斯利大学,美国,120学分

You can create integrated design solutions and get hands-on experience with the online BS in Design for User Experience from Lesley University. 龙8客户端登录 to solve real problems for real people and make designs that inspire and influence the world. 

输入要求: 英语语言能力证明



这个辅修课程培养学生整合经济学, 心理学, and neuroscience in the commercial understanding and academic approach to consumer behavior and 沟通 effects. 

输入要求: Students must have a pre-approval of the relevant courses from their home institution, and they must be an EU/EEA citizen or a Danish citizen (or have a residence permit equivalent to this), documented by a copy of their passport (and residence permit, 如果相关).


神经营销学硕士学位 (西班牙语), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, 60 ECT.

这个硕士学位是半课堂(混合), with four months of teaching and work placements at the Communication Faculty on the Bellaterra Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and work placement centres, 剩下的时间是远程龙8客户端登录.

输入要求: 毕业生及文凭持有人. 资料来源:商业研究, 工商管理与行政, 广告, 沟通, 社会科学与心理学.

应用神经营销硕士 (西班牙语), 大学Politècnica de València,西班牙,90 ECT.

This objective of this master's is for students to develop skills to use Neuromarketing tools in market studies. This program consists of 415 contact hours and 485 hours of independent studies.

输入要求: 大学学位是必需的.

神经营销学大师 (西班牙语),西班牙格拉纳达大学,60 ECT.

“大师”部分在网上,部分在校内. The program has the best proffasionals in the field and will give you a 360º view on neuromarketing.

输入要求: 大学学位及简历. 

市场研究硕士 & 消费者的行为,西班牙IE商学院,60 ECT.

市场研究硕士学位 & 消费者的行为 is a unique program that trains professionals to get inside consumers' minds in order to uncover and understand the motivations behind their behavior. This knowledge is critical to guide business strategies and 行动able plans to address the market's wants and needs of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

输入要求: 完成学士学位, 英语证书, IE全球入学考试(你可以提供

认知神经科学硕士,荷兰内梅亨大学,120 ECT.

在这个硕士, students study the cognitive and neural basis for diverse brain functions such as perception, 行动, 语言, 注意, 和记忆.

输入要求: This research master's program is open to students with bachelor’s degrees in linguistics, 物理, 生物学, 医学, 数学, 行为科学, 人工智能或相关学科. Next to that, there are specialisation specific requirements. 英语熟练. 

掌握市场营销和消费者心理学苏塞克斯大学,60 ECT.

龙8客户端登录 how successful organizations use 心理学 to understand consumer behavior, and gain the skills to apply 心理学 in a business context. This course helps you prepare for careers in both disciplines. 

输入要求: A minimum grade, based on the country the degree is obtained in. 学生可以获得任何学科的学位. They may also be considered for the course if they have other professional qualifications or experience of equivalent standing.

掌握经济消费心理学,荷兰莱顿大学,60 ECT.

This master's specialization makes students experts in the field of the psychological determinants of economic and consumer decision making. 

输入要求: 本科's degree from a Research University (not at a University of applied sciences / professional education) 
Sufficient knowledge of methodology and statistics (at least 20 EC) and knowledge on university level of 某些 主题.

认知与临床神经科学研究硕士,荷兰马斯特里赫特大学,120 ECT.

This master provides six top training tracks in cognitive and 临床 neuroscience for students aiming to become researchers in academia, 或者设想在工业领域的职业生涯, 政府, 临床, 或其他工作环境. 

输入要求: 本科学历,英语熟练 


Get in-depth insights into the 心理学 and behavior of Asian consumers. Equip yourself with the skills to develop effective, value-added marketing solutions. And tap into the rapidly growing Asian markets to propel your company’s growth.

输入要求: 本科或同等学历. Minimum of two years' or more of full-time work experience. GMAT(分钟. 或GRE(最低分). NTU DI代码是V24-ZV-13). 根据具体情况, this may be waived if the applicant has more than 5 years of full-time relevant work experience at the point of admission and proficiency in English.

MSc龙8客户端登录, University of York Europe Campus, Thessaloniki, 90 ECT.

神经营销学是一个复杂的学科, multidisciplinary field that requires knowledge in the fields of brain sciences as well as marketing. Our Master’s programme is offering theoretical and practical training in both fields of neuroscience and marketing, 特别关注神经营销学的研究方法.

输入要求: 本科's degree, proof of English proficiency and two reference letters. 


网上神经营销学大师 (西班牙语), ESCO- Escuela de Marketing y Comunicacion, Spain, 60 ECT.

在线课程主要针对西班牙语使用者, a great platform to understand the basics of the brain and relevant case studies related with Neuromarketing.


神经营销和消费者行为学在线硕士 (西班牙语),巴塞罗那大学,西班牙,60 ECT.

The master's in neuromarketing and market research is designed to meet the needs of companies which require professionals with the skills to collect and analyze market information, enabling them to make the most appropriate strategic and operational decisions.


在线 神经营销学大师 (西班牙语), Universidad Nebrija, Spain, 60 ECT.

The Master Neuromarketing will teach you the techniques that are being used by managers of marketing, 沟通 and branding to analyze the responses of consumers to stimuli in a brand. 


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